to: 16 Jul 2020




10 Tips That Will Help Launch Your Startup Or Career in Space Industry”: Based on the experience of running a space startup Precious Payload, Andrew Maximov will share helpful tips for those who are thinking of building their career or launching a startup in the space industry. If you want a quick overview of the critical steps you need to take to enable your ticket to future space entrepreneurship, this is the place to start.

Meet your Speaker: Andrew Maximov

Andrew Maximov is a CEO and Co-Founder of Precious Payload. This is a space-tech startup building software that helps plan and execute satellite missions by taking care of the paperwork, technical analysis, and supply chain management. This SaaS service enables you to launch payloads to space to do a profitable business. Former tech-magazine editor and alumni of Moscow Engineering Physics Institute with a master’s degree in micro- and nano-electronics, he was always passionate about space. Before focusing on the space domain, Andrew led several tech companies in the MENA region.