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Both the Space and Aerospace sectors are known for innovating! We’ve been building and flying aircraft for over 100 years and even put man on the moon (we think), so what’s next?

The current focuses are on making air travel more efficient, electric and autonomous, while Space is fast becoming the go-to sector for developing new services and technologies to be used here on earth!

This webinar is for the smaller businesses in the sectors, who are a crucial part of the supply chain, that are using emerging technologies to improve current aerospace services and using space technology in new ways for the services we need.


In this webinar, we will help you to identify where you could get the funding you need to innovate & how to access the schemes.


  • ESA Business Applications funding opportunities
  • How to apply
  • Wider UK & EU funding opportunities for Space
  • UK & EU funding opportunities for Aerospace
  • R&D Tax Credits


Matt Symonds, Managing Director, TBAT Innovation Ltd

Matt Symonds joined TBAT Innovation in 2007 and shortly after became a Director of the business. He has a mechanical engineering degree and is an experienced project manager as a result of ten years’ experience in the Aerospace, Power Generation and Rail sectors with companies like Rolls-Royce and Bombardier Transportation.

Paul Bhatia, ESA Regional Business Applications Ambassador, University of Nottingham

Paul has over 15 years of experience working with the space sector, 11 of which have been spent leading the work of the Geospatial Research and Applications Centre of Excellence (GRACE) at the University of Nottingham.

Who should attend:

  • Micro, Small and Medium businesses working in Space & Aerospace
  • Managing Directors
  • Business Owners
  • Finance Directors
  • R&D Directors
  • Technical Directors

About TBAT Innovation Ltd

TBAT Innovation is a first-choice provider of innovation support for technology R&D organisations throughout the UK; accessing grant funding, R&D tax credits and scoping innovation opportunities.

About ESA Business Applications

Your business powered by space. ESA Business Applications is part of ESA Space Solutions that supports the development of sustainable services utilising space assets. It provides funding opportunities and expert support to entrepreneurs.