to: 09 Sep 2020




Since PPEs, such as disposable masks and gloves, are becoming part of daily life in the UK. Such garments are seen lying around on the roads, in the parks or in bodies of water in London. PPEs are made as disposables to manage the risk of contamination. Spacesuits, especially EVA suits, are a strange kind of disposable. Once they are sent up to space, they are reused and upcycled as much as possible. On the other hand, the environment in which PPEs and spacesuit are donned is often well defined. On Earth and in space, such garments are designed to be donned with airlocks and gowning procedures to ensure the risk of contamination is managed systematically. In view of this, we would like to bring a discussion on the design issues of these disposable clothes/materials from an ecological perspective. That is, would modular design and design for easy-cleaning change the landscape of these disposables? In addition, we would also like to raise the question on what else happens in the operation environments to support the successful use of such garments?