to: 24 Jun 2020


Brussels, Belgium


The event ‘Monitoring Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions with Copernicus’ is taking place virtually, on 23 and on 24 June 2020, between 09:30 and 12:30 CET.

For more information on the event or your participation, please contact the Copernicus Support Office at


The European Green Deal is one of the main tools of the new von der Leyen Commission to address climate change. Consequently, implementing a CO2 and greenhouse gas monitoring system was identified as a priority.

In order to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, it is necessary to have consistent, complete, and reliable information on anthropogenic CO2 emissions and fluxes. In this regard, the Copernicus programme can play an invaluable role and help meet the Paris Agreement commitments.

Through the CO2 Monitoring and Verification Support (MVS), the Copernicus programme can help fight climate change drivers, as well as assist policy makers and the scientific community by monitoring and verifying anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

The “Monitoring anthropogenic CO2 emissions with Copernicus” workshop will discuss policy aspects in the context of the European Green Deal and the Paris Agreement. It will present the state of play of the CO2 initiative, address challenges related to the need of in situ measurements, and review progress and opportunities related to the international context and partnerships.