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Join our online Space Mission Designathon sessions in July and August. Come along and enjoy Fridays full of spacecraft, physics, orbits, engineering, and fun!

The designathon will start at 10 am (BST) with an introduction for new participants. A break will be taken a little later on and after some more work, we will be joined by someone from industry or academic to talk about their own work and to give comments on ours.

?️ Observing Neptune and searching for Planet Nine

The mission we are currently working on, Arcanum, consists of an orbiter, Somerville, and atmospheric descent probe, Bingham, with Neptune as their destination. While investigating the Neptunian system, a telescope on the orbiter will also search space for the mysterious and elusive Planet Nine – an object assumed to be around 20 times further away from the Sun than Neptune, reflecting little light and therefore, being hard to find.

Our goal is to publish our mission proposal and submit it to ESA at their next White Paper call.

?️ Welcoming all space enthusiasts

We give everyone, from early-career space enthusiasts to professionals in the industry, a fun place to learn about space mission design! Mission proposals encompass a large number of areas, and as such we have to understand how deep space missions operate, which power supplies are used, the scientific requirements and subsequent payloads necessary, communications, propulsion, astrodynamics, launch, funding, and risks.

Target group: Engineers and scientists (Aero, Elec, Mech, CompSci, Phys, Material etc.)

Age limit: 17

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