to: 20 Jul 2020




At our virtual event we will explore what is happening in the Global Space arena, with guests from around the world attendees will find out more about;

  • Global Information Platforms
  • Introduction to Space Ventures Investors
  • Space in the Enterprise Europe Network
  • EU Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  • Collaboration of the Industry in the UK Spacebridge to Australia
  • How companies like RTC can help to Supply, Scale, Globalise and promote the Industry

In addition to this we will have side tents hosted by special guest speakers giving fascinating talks on Reusability of Rockets, Space Law Games, What Investors Want, Inspiring the Future and of course a round-up of what opportunities for funding is available.

This event celebrates the space sector and highlights growing investment and support opportunities from around the world from the US to UK from EU to Australia. If you have entered or want to enter the space supply chain (or if you’re really not sure if you can) enjoy this opportunity to ask the questions to those working to expand the sector.


  • John Tucker – Founder of NewSpaceHub
  • Simon Drake – Space Venture Investors
  • John Holmes-Carrington – Enterprise Europe Network
  • Paul Bhatia – ESA Business Applications
  • Various Speakers – RTC North
  • Ray Stott – Space Specialist
  • Ralph Dinsley – NORSS Space Law Games
  • Various speakers – UK Space Scene