to: 16 Apr 2021




SBIC Noordwijk, together with experts from the space industry, will host four specialised Earth Observation (EO) workshops aimed at entrepreneurs and other space enthusiasts. Every week, you’ll get closer to knowing everything you need to know about earth observation.

It will host these workshops with experts from Airbus, Netherlands Space Office, S&T and Verhaert. Also, successful ESA BIC alumni companies OPT/NET and Blackshore will host a session.

This workshop by S&T will focus on all the basic information you need in order to get started using Earth Observation data. You will learn what EO data and services are, and how they can be accessed and used.

Topics that will be discussed during the workshop are:

  • Types of EO imagery, both passive and active
  • Important parameters and trade-offs related to satellites and EO data
  • Overview of various current and near future EO satellite systems
  • Where and how to get access to data
  • Examples of EO data applications

Edo Loenen is Product Manager Remote Monitoring Services at Science [&] Technology. S[&]T searches for optimal and innovative ways of data use, through their Intelligent Software Applications.