to: 30 Mar 2021




In this webinar we will introduce openEO, a new approach to work with Earth Observation data and showcase it in the Terrascope platform. We will explain how openEO enables access to big Earth observation processing services in the cloud in a simple and unified way. openEO decouples the concerns of the end users from the complexity and big data challenges of the computing backend. The standardized openEO API that sits in between brings many benefits for both the end user and data/processing provider.

The end user does not have to work in a remote environment of virtual machines or other computing nodes anymore, but can work from her own familiar local environment using her preferred language: Python/Jupyter, R or JavaScript or even work with web apps or mobile apps. In Terrascope, openEO gives you access to our processing cluster with 4300 cores, using easy to write Python scripts. It integrates most datasets on the Terrascope platform, and even adds new ones.

The standardized openEO API also allows the user to easily switch between different providers or backends, benefitting from the uniform approach in data discovery, data cube processing, batch job management, etc. The openEO API and client libraries also allow easy integration of your processing workflow in other applications and it streamlines the move from experiment to production.