to: 11 Aug 2020




The SpaceCom Entrepreneur Summit (SES) has become an influential force in the global space community. In the past five years, over 150 companies have participated in SES events that has become the largest space entrepreneurship competition in the world. Many of the SES graduates have gone on to great success.

Join us for our second web program of the year that will focus on space entrepreneurship. The program will also cover all the information you need to participate in 2020.

The SES Live event will feature the following presenters:

Stephan Reckie, Founding Managing Member, Angelus Funding
“Making an Impact by Doing Business in Space”

Ken Shields, Acting Executive Director, International Space Station National Laboratory
“How the ISS Welcomes Entrepreneurs”

Graduate of SES 2019, Don Pickering, CEO, Olis Robotics
“Update on Olis Robotics Progress Since SpaceCom 2019!”

We’ll have plenty of opportunity to answer questions. So join in, listen, ask questions, and get excited about the SpaceCom Entrepreneur Summit in 2020.

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