to: 03 Aug 2020




With the introduction of programs like the AIAA Diversity Scholars Program and the Brooke Owens Fellowship, the aerospace community is successfully increasing access to the industry by bringing in bright students from underrepresented and nontraditional backgrounds and ensuring they have a place and voice. How can we continue the positive momentum and expand the efforts of the community to include diversity in the aerospace industry? The goal of this roundtable discussion is threefold:

  1. Educate the community on what is currently being done to improve diversity and inclusivity.
  2. Reflect on the state of diversity and inclusion across the industry, including conferences, workshops, workplaces, and classrooms.
  3. Build actionable plans for how to continue to improve diversity and inclusion in the aerospace community, both on organizational and individual levels.

The community we would like to see at this event should include all of those who are interested in expanding their diversity and inclusivity initiatives to improve themselves and organizations/events they are leading now or in the future. This includes anyone from current students to the heads of organizations.

Organized by the Aerospace Diversity and Inclusion Task Force*

Your moderators

  • Caroline Juang (Columbia University, she/her)
  • Amy Huynh (UC Irvine, she/her)

Your presenters

  • Khristian Jones (Brooke Owens Fellow Class of 2019, she/her)
  • Chanel Richardson (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, she/her)
  • Anna Voelker (The Ohio State University Department of Astronomy, they/them)
  • Michaela Deming (The Ohio State University Department of Astronomy, she/her)
  • Rikhi Roy (Georgia Institute of Technology, Aerospace Systems Design Lab, she/her)