to: 21 Jan 2021




Space to Connect – the free to attend Space Applications networking event hosted by the UK Space Agency – this year, virtually!

The only event of its kind to bring together the Space Applications Sector under one (virtual) roof to network and connect across the community.

Now in its fourth year, Space to Connect is a day long event which will give you the opportunity to meet new companies, organisations and individuals who are innovating at the forefront of the Space Applications Sector, as well as others new to this journey.

It will provide you the chance to explore future opportunities coming up in Space Applications, meet potential new collaborators in our virtual meeting rooms and perhaps find a new business partner or consortium member.

There will also be thematic sessions from wider industry with presentations and information updates throughout the day, including best practice sessions to help you turn your Space Applications idea into reality.

Come along to this free to attend event and celebrate the growth in Space Applications and learn how we are continuing to work with our international partners.