to: 15 May 2020




15 May 2020 at 15:00 GMT (4pm London, 5pm Berlin)

The Participation of Space Emerging Countries in Moon Village with Ghanim Alotaibi

Space Plus Webinars

Space Technology is nowadays showing more effect in improving life quality and is followed with more interest and enthusiasm. Space Applications are widely known and applied for Sustainable Development Goals, resulting in different businesses made upon them. Innovation has been recently enhancing all technology disciplines, including Space, ending to different Startups with Large Amount of Investment on them and Success Stories that made a new Wave in Space, called Space 4.0. An era dedicated to Innovation with emphasis to NewSpace Companies and Enterprises.

Space+ Talk Series is going to cover these aspects in multiple sessions. Experts and Founders will talk about their Business with an emphasis on how they have changed the whole market and how Space Technology and Applications have served them to run their business and succeed. These talks are going to introduce and promote the aspects of Space Technologies, which have been unseen or have not been under direct attention, with an emphasis on STEAM. The main objective of these talks is Promotion and Outreach, however, fazadotir, as the main host, is going to provide the opportunities for Collaboration between partners and make possible cooperative projects happen.

These talks will be Webinars and host will make it available to all. It is considered to last for about One Hour, dedicated to Guest with some Comments and Questions from Host, to help the Subject could be reviewed as well.