to: 09 Sep 2021


Oslo, Norway


UPDATE: In light of the growing concerns around COVID-19, we’ve made the difficult decision to postpone this year’s planned conference in Oslo to September 2021.

One of the main objectives and success factors of the annual Spaceport Norway conference, is to offer a venue for the interactive exchange of knowledge and perspectives between professionals across industries and disciplines, exploring innovation, business and partnership opportunities enabled by space science, technology and infrastructure. Since the current Covid-19 situation will limit the maximum number of people allowed to be gathered in one place for the rest of the year, the networking opportunities for which Spaceport Norway is so well known, will be limited.

We have been growing year by year since our first conference in 2017, and were looking forward to the fourth Spaceport Norway conference in Oslo in a big way. But we will have to wait for a year, public health and safety must come first.

This was a tough call to make – Spaceport Norway is an incredibly important and inspiring event for us, and a forward leaning meeting arena where multidisciplinary leaders, innovators, start-ups and students can meet world leading experts from NASA, ESA, UNOOSA, Norwegian Space Agency, Luxembourg Space Agency, Andøya Space Center, NAMMO, Equinor, Kongsberg Seatex, KSAT, Kjeller Innovasjon, Oceaneering, NTNU, iSpace and many others. It has always been a great experience for all attending the conference, and these many new encounters have generated new jobs, new partnerships and new companies. This is Spaceport Norway’s reason to exist – and we are just getting started.