to: 28 Jul 2020




We are on the edge of a geospatial transformation. What started as a simple data set is now becoming a powerful geospatial knowledge infrastructure, integrating data from a plethora of other sources. These rich new insights translate into better decision-making, catalysing new products and services across all industries. It also has the potential to add billions to our economy, boost the quality of life among our communities, and help protect our planet.

To explore the challenges and opportunities presented by geospatial intelligence, Knowledge Transfer Network and Ordnance Survey have collaborated on ‘The Power of Place – A Sustainable Future with Geospatial Insights’, a thought leadership publication that explores the changing landscape of location intelligence and what it means for business as usual.

In support of the launch, KTN is running a series of four webinars; in this second session, we bring forward the changing landscape of location intelligence and its implications for business as usual. We then discuss the emergence of a new and powerful data knowledge infrastructure, sitting at the nexus of spatial analysis, artificial intelligence and cloud-based computing, making note of the trends in the geospatial data market.

This event will be particularly relevant for policy and decision makers, as well as innovation leads working in the Infrastructure, Transport, Maritime, Finance and Sustainability sectors.

Dates and speakers for future webinars in the series will be announced in the weeks to come.